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Anyone who works with their hands!  Please see video and directions for application and placement.

Lateral Epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is inflammation and tissue degradation of the muscles responsible for bending the wrist backward, or rotating the wrist and forearm. Despite the name, this condition is not just caused from playing tennis. Symptoms may be brought on by trauma, repetitive stress, or working in awkward postures.

These muscles have a common attachment on the bone (lateral epicondyle) on the outside of the elbow. With this condition, pain may be present with simple activities such as reaching for a glass, turning a door handle, dressing, or more aggressive activities such as painting, lifting, fishing, tennis or golf.

Discomfort associated with this repetitive stress disorder may be extremely debilitating. Treatment may include removal of the repetitive stress, rest, thermal modalities, physical or occupational therapy, bracing, injections, and in severe cases, surgery.

Because this inflammation may persist in this condition, it is not uncommon for the cellular makeup of the tendon to change. Instead of having healthy, organized tissue, the cells in the tendon become disorganized and lose their flexibility and ability to handle the stresses produced with normal muscle contraction.

This condition, called tendinosis, responds best to anatomically appropriate muscle contractions and is worsened by compression. The Tendon Trak™ is the ONLY DEVICE AVAILABLE which does not apply pressure or alter negatively the muscle contraction.

Developed by a Physical Therapist and unlike other counterforce braces, the Tendon Trak ™ uses two approximating pads placed on opposite sides of the irritated tissue providing a “trak” for the tendon/muscle to contract between. This Patented method of support is in line with clinical reasoning as it DOES NOT apply pressure to the irritated tissue, while making the movement more efficient. The result, a decrease in pain allowing for improved function and ultimately tissue healing. The Tendon Trak™ Elbow will fit ANY elbow, left or right.

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